I forgot my Windows 7 password; please tell me how to reset it?

My computer has all the important files from work and I can’t remember the password anymore, what to do?

Is it possible to bypass Windows 7 login lock screen? Please advice.

The whole internet is pouring with questions like this which indicates people forget their Windows computer password very often every day. If that’s the same case happened to you too today then buckle up because we are about to share some secrets that will help to reset Windows 7 password smoothly. Obviously, we are not going to recommend formatting your PC because that will cause more data damage and you end up losing all the precious data.

So, is there any way to reset Windows 7 password without formatting? Well, Of course! If you simply follow the methods shared in this tutorial then you will realize that you can unlock Windows 7 password of your computer and at the same time you get to keep all the data in your personal computer.

Way #1: Reset Windows Password from SAC Account

Super Administrator Account or SAC is a special kind of account designed in Windows 7 especially for those who forget their Windows password frequently. However, it requires special procedure to follow in order to activate it. Here’s how to accomplish that –

Step 1. Turn on your system and on the logon screen, press the Shift key 5 times in a row.

Step 2. A new Administrator profile will appear, simply click on it and enter into your PC.

"Win 7 Login Page"

Step 3. Right-click on My Computer and choose Manage.

Step 4. Go to Local Users & Groups followed by Groups and it will appear all the accounts registered in your PC.

Step 5. Right-click on your username and hit Set Password. Setup a new password for your account and have fun!

"image 1"

Cons –

  • SAC must be activated before forgetting the password.
  • SAC must have administrator rights to accomplish this solution.

Way #2: Recover Windows 7 Password with Ophcrack

Ophcrack is yet another Windows password recovery tool that recovers Windows passwords up to 8 characters. It can only recover simple passwords with no special characters. So, if you have setup a really short password then you can recover it easily with Ophcrack by following these steps.

Step 1. Download Ophcrack ISO file from official website on any working computer. Burn the ISO image into a pen drive and make a bootable disk.

Step 2. Insert the flash drive on your secured personal computer and boot from it.

Step 3. Ophcrack will be loaded on the boot up screen. Select “Ophcrack Graphic mode – Automatic” and continue.

"image 2"

Step 4. Ophcrack will start recovering the password and it may take several hours to search for your password. So, kindly be patient and leave the computer alone.

Step 5. If Ophcrack is successful on finding your password then it will show on the main UI of the tool or else the process will be aborted automatically.

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"image 3"

Cons –

  • Ophcrack is outdated and most probably won’t work if you are using a tough password.
  • Doesn’t work with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Way #3: Reset Windows 7 Password with Windows Password Reset Software

SAC and Ophcrack has huge limitations that are not easy to overcome. So, if you are lucky then you might find them useful and able to crack Windows 7 password. But let’s see, how to reset Windows 7 password with the best Windows Password Reset Software seamlessly.

iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro is a life-saving and well-known Windows password recovery tool that can not only reset the password of your locked Windows PC but it will totally destroy the password from your computer so that you can login to your system without entering any password. First, you create a password reset disk in 2 ways with your flash drive or CD/DVD and then, unlock your protected computer with it.

Key Features of iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro:

  • Bypass any Windows computer including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and so on.
  • Remove password from all kind of hard drives like IDE, SATA, HDD, SSD, etc.
  • Add or remove accounts from your PC.
  • Change user standard credibility and convert local users to administrator users.
  • No data damage – Guaranteed.
  • Works with all computer and laptop brands such as Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell, etc.

Procedure –

Step 1. Download iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro on any accessible computer or laptop and install it by finishing the setup wizard. Launch the program and check out its attractive user interface for the first time.

"image 4"

Step 2. Take a blank USB key or DVD and click on Burn USB or Burn CD/DVD and wait for the program to burn ISO image file on to your device to make a password reset disk.

"image 5"

Step 3. Boot your locked computer with the password reset disk and wait for the password recovery tool to appear on the startup screen. Now, apply the following steps to unlock your system –

  • Choose Windows 7 as your operating system.
  • Select the username of your PC.
  • Hit Reset Password
  • Restart

"image 6"

Done! Your computer is now successfully unlocked, you may access it normally without any password.


Resetting Windows password can be extremely challenging but if you know the right tricks then unlocking your PC will be like a piece of cake. iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro has took the liberty to make our lives easier by resetting the password with ease. You can never worry about losing your password ever again if you posses this password reset tool. Remember, to always use strong and tough password to keep your PC away from strangers and intruders and even if you forget it then at least you know how to unlock your PC now.


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