Contacts are indeed the most important part on your Android phones as it contains all the information of your friends, families and colleagues to keep in touch with them. Not to mention, that all the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones can store as many contacts as you want and it won’t even take much space on your smartphone and it is really very important to protect and have a backup of your contacts in case your phone is stolen, damaged or frozen. In that case, you can make sure that at least your contacts are saved which is the most important part of your life.

Android smartphones does gives you the ability to back up your entire contact list to Google account but if you want to keep a backup of your contacts on your computer which is the most convenient place to save your contacts then it can be a challenging task since Android smartphones has no in-built feature that can directly transfer your contacts from your phone to computer.

But not to worry, in this guide we will show you how to back up your contacts on Galaxy S8/S8+/S7/S7 Edge/S6 etc. and save them to your computer, so that you can restore your contacts list back on to your phone whenever it is required.

What is Androidphonesoft Android Assistant?

Androidphonesoft Android Assistant is an amazing program that helps to back up your entire smartphone on to your computer including contacts, messages, music, videos and other files. In short, you can manage your entire smartphone from your computer or laptop. It is extremely easy to use due to its elegant design and it works in both Windows and Mac laptops/computer.

Main Features:

  • Backup your entire smartphone and save them to your computer including contacts, music, videos, apps and other files.
  • Transfer files from computer to your smartphone with a single click and vice versa.
  • Works with both Android and Apple smartphones.
  • Backup & Restore files using the same software.
  • Root your Android smartphone with a single click.
  • Erase files and data from your smartphone safely and securely.
  • Install and open Android apps directly from the software.
  • Play Android games in PC.
  • Exchange text messages.
  • Boost up your Android smartphones speed and much more.
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How to Use?

Now we show you how to use this software to back up your Android phone Contacts to computer. Use the following steps to accomplish this task.

Step 1:  Visit their official website and download the software on your computer. Next, install the program on any desired location and launch it to see the main user interface of this tool.

"Android Assistant connect"

Step 2:  Connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB data cable and the software should automatically detect it. To have a smooth experience enable USB debugging mode from your smartphone. Alternately, you can also connect your smartphone to PC via Wi-Fi.

Step 3:  Now, from left side panel, choose contacts and the program will display the entire contacts list from your phone.

Step 4:  Click on Export followed by Export all contacts to computer. MobileGo offers 6 kinds of formats to save your contacts but it is recommended to choose vCard or CSV file so that you can access them easily.

"Android Assistant export contacts"

Step 5:  Choose the folder where you want to save all the contacts and the software will automatically copy all the contacts and store it on your computer in the output folder of your choice.

That’s all. You have successfully transferred all contacts from your Android phone to computer.


If you have a larger number of contacts saved on your Android phone then it highly recommended transferring contacts to PC for backup so that you can restore them back if required in the future. Androidphonesoft Android Assistant can manage your entire phone from PC that is very convenient as you get to control your phone from the big screen. Hopefully you guys enjoyed and found this post useful.