If a smartphone is popular enough, it will likely be put through a durability test by the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything and the latest device to be tested to its limit in terms of durability, is the Nokia 6.

"Nokia 6"

JerryRigEverything puts the Nokia 6 against various durability tests, starting with the scratch test on the display of the device. He performs his usual scratch test on the display with his various picks based on Mohs scale of hardness and like most smartphones which come with a tempered glass display, it scratches at level 6 on this scale.

The YouTuber then tries scratching the home button, but his blade has no effect on it. However, the earpiece on the Nokia 6 is covered by a piece of cloth, which came off when probed with a blade and tweezers. He then proceeds to scratch the rear of the device, and it is indeed made out of metal. The chassis of the device is also made entirely out of metal, save for the antenna lines, which are made out of plastic.

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Moving on to the burn test, the IPS LCD display lasts 10 seconds against the flame, before turning off. However, the pixels do recover after a few seconds, without a hint of the burn test. Last to be performed is the infamous bend, and the Nokia 6 passes it with flying colors, barely flexing when the test was performed. Check out the durability test video below.

So there you have it – the Nokia 6 is “definitely a contender for the most durable phone of 2017”.