Today at CES 2017, Qualcomm Technologies and ODG (Osterhout Design Group), a leading developer and manufacturer of mobile headworn computing and augmented reality technologies and products, announced the R-8 and R-9 smartglasses that are powered by Snapdragon 835 processor.

"ODG R-8 Smartglass"

R-8 is ODG’s first consumer mobile AR/VR smartglass that is targeted at the consumer early adopter, while R-9 is for a wide variety of wide field-of-view (FOV) experiences from light enterprise, to prosumer media consumption, and as a development platform for sophisticated mobile AR/VR and smartglasses applications.

R-8 brings the power of mobile virtual computing to consumers with a greater than 40˚ FOV and HD resolution. Innovative consumers can access the familiarity of movies, sports, gaming, navigation and education experiences but on smartglasses that are lighter, smaller and sleeker than any other device in ODG’s portfolio. It offers the same private screen that floats in your view, wherever you are and however you are moving, with the added dimension of AR, VR and Mixed Reality overlays for a richer computing experience.

"ODG R-9 Smartglass"

R-9 is based on ODG’s award-winning 50° FOV and 1080p Project Horizon platform which is also a development platform for sophisticated mobile AR/VR and smartglasses applications. Both the smartglasses come with Qualcomm’s feature such as hardware accelerated, visual inertial odometry based 6DOF motion tracking.

Ralph Osterhout, Founder and CEO of ODG said,

“ODG is pioneering glasses for the masses that play movies with cinematic clarity, drop you inside immersive 3D interactive experiences, and reveal new worlds of invention and productivity. This is so much bigger than just a device, it’s about a whole new computing medium that will transform how we interact with and discover information and engage with people and objects in the world around us.”

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R-9 will be priced around $1,799 with initial shipping targeted 2Q17, while R-8 will be less than $1,000 with developer units shipping 2H17.