Huawei’s sub brand Honor has announced to roll out Android 6.0 Marshmallow stable update with EMUI v4.0 for the Honor 5X (KIW-L22) smartphone in India. The announcement came through the company’s official forum/community section. The new update is available to download over-the-air (OTA) through the company’s official HiCare application (latest version) which is available to download on Google Play store.

"Honor 5X EMUI 4.0 Android Marshmallow update"

Android 6.0 will bring all the Marshmallow goodies including Doze battery saving feature, customizable app permissions, Google Now on Tap and more to the device. In addition the update also includes many more cool features of EMUI 4.0 and bug fixes. Check out the update change-log below.

"Honor 5X"

EMUI 4.0 Marshmallow features in Honor 5X

  1. Message — Cancel send within 4 seconds – This feature facilitates user to cancel the sending message within 4 seconds.
  2. Application — Compass – Regardless of the city or the dense forest, just open the compass, and the direction will be clear in mind. If the phone is flat, it will display the compass, which would show the position and direction. If the phone is vertical, it will show the real scene, and you can look at the scenery or road conditions.
  3. Alarm Ring duration – Six kinds of ring, as you choose – This feature provides facility to select Alarm ring duration in six different ways.
  4. Screen Recording – Screen recording is that you can record on your phone screen after opening. With this feature, you can create small video tutorials, easy to guide the distant relatives or friends.
  5. Contact — Smart groups – When you must group contacts one by one manually, or find one contact within thousands of contacts when sending SMS, how do you feel?
    Now you don’t worry, in Group – Smart groups, you can view the contact information by company, city or recent contact time. In addition, according to the company you want to group, you only need to write the corresponding contact information inside the company name, and it will automatically enter the grouping.
  6. Contacts sharing using BARCODE reader – Using this feature contact details can be read by BARCODE reader.
  7. Indian languages – Huawei Swype keyboard –
  • Indian local languages are integrated in Huawei Swype keyboard.
  • Desired language can be downloaded by long pressing on space bar in keyboard and then select More languages -> Download languages.
  • Go to message, long press space bar and select More Languages.
  • Click on Download Languages and download a language of your choice.
  • Once the language is downloaded and installed, you can use.
  1. Emergency Call feature integrated – SOS –
  • Emergency call option is added along with emergency message.
  • Once SOS emergency alarm is triggered call and message will be sent to the emergency. Contact added in SOS emergency contact list.
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  1. Settings Module – Color temperature settings, Preferred network type settings and Magnification gesture dialogs are working properly even after restart also.
  2. Battery percentage – Remaining battery percentage text is displaying properly.
  3. Home Screen Lyrics – Go to music player and tap on settings, enable Home Screen Lyrics.
  4. Professional Camera mode – Select Professional camera mode and click pictures, it doesn’t show any error pop-ups from now on Camera -> settings -> professional.
  5. Google Patch Integration –Merged New Stagefright Bug Fix which will make device more secure.
  6. Fixed randomly occurring ANR issue after restarting device.

Honor said, it is recommended to do ‘factory data reset’ operation after installation to enable all the SW improvement.