The Tech giant Google has now globally rolling out a new update for the Play Books app on Android and iOS that comes with a new feature, called Night Light to read more comfortably during night time. It automatically changes the color temperature of the display according to the time of the day and getting an eye-friendly warmer light, which is important if you read for a long time on your Smartphone or Tablet.

"Google Play Books Night Light feature"

Google said: When turned on, Night Light gradually filters blue light from your screen, replacing it with a warm, amber light as the sun sets. Night Light automatically adapts to the amount of natural sunlight outside based on the time of day, giving you just the right temperature and brightness. The color adjustment is more comfortable on your eyes and greatly improves low-light night reading.

To use the Night Light feature on your device, update your Play Books app to the latest version through Google Play  or the App Store. After that open a book on the app and just turn on the Night Light mode option (you’ll see a pop up in the app).

The update also includes another new feature that notifies you when your favorite author has published their new book on the Play Store.

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