The Galaxy Note 5 is a very beautiful and powerful Phablet made by Samsung this year, crafted from metal and finished off with curved glass back. This is the first Note which comes with a patented “push-to-eject” mechanism for ejecting the S-Pen from the device. But with the new technology, Samsung disabled the safety mechanism that prevented the S-Pen from being inserted backwards.

"Galaxy Note 5 S Pen warning"

The big problem for Galaxy Note 5 users is that if they accidentally insert their S-Pen backwards, it could permanently damage the phone. Either the S-Pen gets stuck inside the device forever or, the spring release technology is damaged or, the S-Pen detection feature won’t work anymore.

How you can fix it..?

If you inserted the S-PEN your Galaxy Note 5 in the wrong way, just follow the easy directions in the below Video and your S-Pen will soon be freed (without any cost).


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