Google has recently launched a new online tool “Which Phone” on it’s website to help you choose the right Android Smartphone for you in all shapes and sizes from different manufacturers, with Shop Now option.

"Google released new online tool Which Phone"

The entire Phone selection process features a very beautiful graphical interface. The tool will offer you twelve different categories of activities/features, such as – Taking photos, Listening to music, Social media, Gaming, Staying fit, Web browsing etc. with few interests/options about how you plan to use your new Smartphone and it uses the information to suggest your next device. For example, when you choose “Taking photos” Google then asked you – How often do you take photos? and What’s important for your phone’s camera?

"Google released new online tool Which Phone (1)""Google released new online tool Which Phone (2)"

After selecting three categories, the tool will be ready to show you a few suggestions. You can however go ahead and add as many options as you need. You can also choose to edit your options or remove one of them in case you change your mind about something later on. Once you are ready to see your phones, you will get a screen that asks for your preferred network carrier. You can choose that later as well if you don’t really have a preference.

"Google released new online tool Which Phone (4)"

Overall, the tool is pretty neat. Google has done fantastic job on sorting out the output based on the given inputs. You can try out the new Google tool by hitting the source link below.

Source (Google)

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