Google‘s Android operating system is most widely used in all over the world. Android developers also creates many backdoor, through user can enter into the system and become familiar to the system.These backdoors are called secret codes.

"Android Secret Codes"

Here are some Secret Codes of Android Smartphone and Tablets..

Android Secret Codes for Developers 1"Android Secret Codes for Developers 2""Android Secret Codes for Developers 3"

Note: Some of these codes can reason for serious changes on your device assortment, so please be advised run these codes on your own risk and don’t play with them if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about them.

All Above Secret codes are Tested and Working fine but all codes may not support on a single android device. You can just try to finding which Code work or which not. Be alert while using them, we are not responsible for any data loss or other problem.


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