Hello friends, this is tutorial about how to Capture a Screenshots on your Android. Capturing Screenshots on Android Smartphone or Tablet is very easy and you don’t need to Root your device . But the process of capturing screenshot is little-bit different on many Smartphone. It does vary to your Firmware version and the Manufacturer shortcuts.

Here are few different ways to capture a screenshot on your android device –

Android 4.0 or Higher:

If your device running on Android 4.0 (Ice cream-sandwich) or Higher versions (JellyBean, KitKat) then follow this process..

Press the ” VOLUME DOWN BUTTON + POWER BUTTON at the same time and Hold them for a second. Now your device flash the screen with a sound and captured a Screenshot. After that you will see an Animation with a Confirmation message on your notification bar. Your Device will save this image to your Gallery automatically. If you want to view this screenshot, slide down your notification tray and tap on the notification or open your Gallery app and choose the Screenshots folder.

Manufacturer Shortcuts:

Some Smartphone manufacturers are building their phones with special shortcut keys and Motion function for capturing screenshot. For example, if you have a Samsung android device then you can Press the HOME BUTTON + POWER BUTTON at the same time and hold them for a few seconds to capture a screen shot. But if you have a High-end device of Samsung, like- Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 2, and Note 3- these models are also loaded with Palm Motion feature. You can capture a screenshot just moving your Palm over the screen Right to Left or Left to Right.

Note: Tested on UN-Rooted devices only.

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